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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Have queries regarding the webinars? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions

Wondering what is actually a webinar?
Webinar means web-based seminar where the speaker makes presentation using the video conferencing tools. No need for attendees to travel – they can join easily from any location if they have network connectivity. It is a two-way communication channel – speakers and attendees can have a discussion and question-answer session on real-time.
What are the takeaways of Click Asia webinars?
Aim of CAS webinars is to help the senior marketers on digital transformation. After all, no organisation can ignore the importance the digital any longer. Time has come for marketers and organisations to embrace digital and understand the nitty-gritty of it.
What is the cost of Click Asia webinars?
FREE. CAS webinars are meant for pure learning.
Who runs the webinars?
Leading experts, brand strategists and digital nomads. Basically, really smart people who have been managing digital strategies of brands.
Who should attend these webinars?
Anyone who is interested in learning the latest digital marketing trends and industry insights.
What’s next?
Just fill up the form on this page and you are registered for the webinar. You will receive a mail from [email protected] within 2 business days with the webinar link and instruction on how to join the webinar.

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