Backtalk: Agency to Clients - Rajeev Sharma from JWT Digital

After spending over 22 years in Digital with top agencies like JWT, O&M; and Tribal DDB, Rajeev Sharma is now working as a Digital Transformation consultant. Prior to this, he was the Vice President & Head @ Digital JWT.

Rajeev’s workshop is one of the most sought after sessions at Click Asia Summit 2016. We caught up with him for the 5 Questions.

1. What makes a great client?

Here’s the formula…

  • One who spends more time in the Agency than the Agency does at their office.
  • One who does workshops with the agency, as opposed to a written single page brief.
  • One who doesn’t give their judgement on ‘what they thinks is creative’, but what they see the agency achieve for their brand’.
  • And one who values the agency’s time, and has fun in the creative process.

That’s it.

2. Three tips for nation-wide, multi-screen campaigns?

One: Create a team of “catalysts” from all disciplines.
Two: Brief them and provide them with creative freedom, tools, authority & blessings.
Three: See magic happen.

3. ‘Design thought process’, where do you think digital is going with it?

The Design thought process includes analytics, data, insights and human as well as machine intelligence which is is what is driving digital today. It is also key in the creation of experiences across channels and screens.

4. Quality in digital, where do we win and lose?

Except for the speed which which skills need to be upgraded to match advancements in technology (which is a big one), most of the other places digital is catching up – good insights, creative thinking, out-of-the-box ideas & fairly good production.

5. One reason not to miss your session at Click Asia Summit 2016?

It’s second only to the Ananda’s in the Himalayas. : )

True digital immersion. To unlearn, and learn. And to love digital in a whole new way.

Rajeev Sharma is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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