Beware: Serious Digital Transformation Gyan Ahead - Markus L Keiper from Global Leadership Foundry Pte. Ltd.

Markus L Keiper, the Transformation Architect of Rolls-Royce & Mercedes-Benz, has dedicated his focus to transforming organisational behaviours towards customer centric growth in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Currently, he is the Chief Transformation Architect at Global Leadership Foundry and will be sharing his vast experience on a keynote at Click Asia Summit 2016.

As an industry veteran, we asked him some questions on road ahead for digital transformation and here are his answers.

1. Could you share 3 marketing elements that must feature in the 2016 rulebook for marketers?

Video, video, video: Video will continue to take over as preferred communications channels for B2C and B2B2C. It simply follows the speed of information and the trend to read less and to get beautifully crafted messages within 15-90 seconds.

2. What’s the most frustrating part of digital transformation?

A board room which is non-digital: Executives of companies who are not as mature in their digital thinking make us marketing communications experts work extra hard to convince them. Approx. 75% of our time must be spent on internal stakeholder management, and only 25% of the time goes to the real target audiences.

3. Tell us about an “aha” moment in your extensive career.

My “aha” moment was, when I convinced our board at Rolls-Royce Marine that unlike predicted by some, our customers really wanted to embrace digital solutions from us. The secret for success were “voices of customers” which I featured in our board meetings. No one can resist the customer after all!

4. How does the fun side of Markus Keiper look like?

After living on 4 continents and in many countries I tend to assimilate with the local culture – and dialect! – very quickly. This leads to rather funny moments for both the locals as well as the overseas guests, who look at me and wonder, what the bloody German is up to. After all, we Germans do have a sense of humour. : )

5. One good reason to attend your session at Click Asia Summit 2016?


It is my belief that the digital natives of India will have a massive say about the future of our world. How will we communicate, trade, measure, connect, etc.? The Indian startup as well as the corporate scene will have their way and the world will listen.

Markus L Keiper is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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