CAS 2011: Where Agencies, Digital gurus and Social media experts meet

CAS Speaker Guidelines

Please read these speaker guidelines before submitting your confirmation as a Click Asia Summit 2012:


  • Session allocations to speakers will be done by the Click Asia Summit 2012 team and topics would be provided by end-November 2010.
  • Speakers will be required to submit their presentation by the 22nd of December 2010.
  • Each session may have two or more speakers.
  • Each session will run for 45 minutes
  • Each speaker is likely to get between 20 to 35 minutes to speak. Details will be provided in the topic allocation detail.
  • Click Asia Summit 2012 is focused on delivering rich, relevant and recent information; please use fresh, exclusive content in your presentations.
  • Speakers’ presentation should contain a clear learning objective for the delegates. Though case studies are encouraged, self-promotion in any form should be avoided.
  • If you have been selected in the role of the moderator of a session, please remember that you will have to encourage all the participants (including panelists and audience) to interact by asking questions, generating arguments, moderating the debate, and getting the audience involved. Also, your role will be to summarize the discussion, highlight principal points of agreement and dispute, identify further study resources, and end the session in good time for audience Q&A.;
  • In order to build credibility for yourself as a speaker, and for your organization, please avoid pitching yourself. You would be expected to deliver quality content for the benefit of the delegates, rather than hard selling.
  • Please limit your contact information and company profile to one slide only.
  • Please avoid using any follow-up baiting methods to gather contact information at Click Asia Summit 2011.
  • Your presentations would be available for downloading by CAS delegates. To distribute any other information (e.g., handouts or other promotional material), you will require prior permission.
  • If you speak on a topic that you have financial ties to, you have to either disclose the nature of the relationship or excuse yourself from the discussion.
  • Please note that speakers are required to make their own travel and stay arrangements. Click Media Private Limited (Click Asia Summit 2011 organizers) are not responsible for the arrangements required.
  • Speaking assignments are subject to confirmation and are uncompensated in nature.
  • Click Media Private Limited reserves the rights on speaking opportunities at its events