Designing for The Modern Web - Brandon Schmittling from HUGE Inc

Brandon is a Senior Interaction Designer at Huge in Singapore. As a designer and programmer, Brandon’s enthusiasm for web and interactive technologies as tools for change is supported by his previous work with Free Range Studios, Weber Shandwick, Hirshorn Zuckerman Design Group and WebFirst. Brandon has collaborated with Google, The Gates Foundation, USAID, Tides Foundation and ESL Music. He has previously presented at SXSW, guest lectured at AU’s Katzen Arts Center and taught at BU’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts.

1. If you’re asked to give us one line on modern UX, what would you say?

The world is hungry for design-thinking and we’ve only just begun to realize that we need to start adapting core UX principles for more complicated and exotic contexts.

2. Share a learning from one of the most interesting projects that you have ever done

In researching a robotics project I had the realization that interaction testing with robots is kind of like the job the character Rick Deckard has in the film Bladerunner (1982).

3. Who is your role model?

Jared Spool for professional guidance, Noam Chomsky for overall intelligence and John Cusack for that undefinable, wildcard quality.

4. Share a tip on selling your viewpoint on UX to a client

Lead with one of two things: the User Case or the Business Case. Pro tip: they are the same thing. We are at a point where customers value design and are becoming quite skeptical of poor experiences. They are doing our job for us and voting with their time and money, which is encouraging.

5. Two reasons attendees must not miss your workshop

Digital transformation is difficult and although many concerns will compete for our attention, keeping our users top of mind should be our main priority. We’ll discuss what it means to detect, care about and satisfy user expectations and how to meet new design-savvy customer challenges with a properly formed UX process.

Brandon Schmittling is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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