Life Begins Where Fear Ends. It Applies to Digital Too. - Babita Baruah from J Walter Thompson Co. Delhi

Babita Baruah is the Senior Vice President with J Walter Thompson, heading PO1, a business Unit for PepsiCo.

With 20 years of Communications and Brand Partnerships, Babita is an active speaker at various forums in the industry. She represented Indian advertising at the India Conference at Harvard Business School in February 2016.

Babita was one of the 12 Indian women to receive the British Chevening Scholarship on Women and Leadership in 2004 and has been Campaign India’s A Lister for top marketing professionals since 2010. Babita is also a speaker at CAS16.

Here are 5 questions with her on branding, communication, and advertising.

1. What makes a great client?

A partnership that celebrates the team, is built on trust and collaboration.

2. Three tips that you would share with clients when working with nationwide digital campaigns?

Research, if any, should be directional. Great regional content has national appeal. Have an inventive spirit, not just creative.

3. The biggest (and shareable) professional challenge that you have faced?

How to inject a piece of work with the potential to go “viral”.

4. Your personal mantra to share with women in media and advertising?

“Life begins where fear ends”- a quote by Osho.

5. One reason not to miss your session at Click Asia Summit 2016?

So that I have the opportunity to listen to experiences from my industry colleagues- a session is after all is a conversation.

Babita Baruah is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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