Digital readiness in India is only going in one direction! - Aveek Datta from Forbes, India

Aveek is a business journalist with nearly a decade of experience in covering corporate developments in India, including operations and marketing strategy, fund raising, M&A; and HR.

He has worked across leading Indian publications including The Indian Express, Mint, The Financial Express and now Forbes India. An alumni of The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai and Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Aveek is also a moderator at Click Asia Summit 2016.

We caught up with him for Click Asia’s 5 Questions.

1. What arises your passion as a writer?

As a business journalist, my passion for writing is fuelled by the process of meeting new and interesting people from different spheres of the economy, engaging in intellectual conversations with them, analyzing the information thus gathered, and synthesizing it in neatly stitched narratives that seek to simplify complex ideas, without rendering them simplistic.

2. Is writer’s’ block for real? Couple of hacks to overcome it?


Depending on time and context, hacks include time off from work, black coffee, sleep, meditation, a walk or a drive. Basically anything that helps refresh the mind.

3. What has been the most significant change in India when it comes to Digital Transformation?

The fact that information from around the world – be it in the form of news, education or entertainment, is more democratically accessible to a wide cross-section of the Indian society. Engagement platforms like social media has broken down walls when it comes to communications – whether it is to bring an issue of social concern to the notice of authorities, or simply express adulation for a celebrity one admires.

4. Where do you see the digital-readiness of organizations in India heading?

In only one direction: Forward!

Organizations have realized that to be able to efficiently communicate with stakeholders – customers, employees, investors or media – they have to think like their stakeholders do. Real-time engagement, as and when required, is a must and those who miss the bus will invariably fall behind.

5. One great reason not to miss your session on Click Asia Summit 2016

Some heavyweight digital marketers will offer insights into the ever-evolving and dynamic world of digital marketing and how to keep the consumer hooked.

So be there if you’re interested in consumer insights.

Aveek Datta is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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