Offline Retailers or Pure-play Online Retailers? - Alokedeep Singh from Titan Company Limited, Tata Group

Alokedeep Singh leads E-Commerce at Titan Company Limited. Prior to Titan, he managed Digital Strategy, Online Customer Acquisition, Mobile-Internet Products & CRM at Banks like ICICI, ING Vysya. Alokedeep is a founding member of CII’s National Committee on E-Commerce and a featured speaker and expert at industry events and publications. In 2010, he was recognised with IDC’s CIO Enterprise Innovation Award for Technology & Business Excellence in India.

He is a CAS16 speaker and we asked him 5 questions around customer journeys for ecommerce brands and here’s what he had said.

1. Do digital-first retailers have an edge over their offline-online counterparts?

Not really, because retail is still a lot about touch & feel, hence I feel that traditional retailers still have an edge. Depending upon categories, consumers today exhibit both online to offline & offline to online behavior. Hence, while the growth of digital has expanded brands’ access to their customers, the ability to be omni-channel in both customer marketing and retail is key.

2. Share three key insights on customer journeys that can be experienced by most online brands

Digital has changed the way consumers the research, buy products and the journey is increasingly becoming more complex due to cross-device, channels. Insights can be gathered through a variety of tools for tracking customer behavior, advanced analytics but what will be key is the ability act/decision real-time using those insights.

3. Share a digital marketing hack that you use?

When you are selling products online from some of the most well known brands in the country, I don’t think you need any kind of hacks. Digital Marketing is one of the largest functions within our E-Commerce business of 14+ brands like Tanishq, Titan, Fastrack, Titan Eyeplus, across categories of Jewellery, Watches, Accessories, Perfumes & Eye-wear.

Within Digital Marketing besides using tools on site for a rich CX, we reach out to customers through an integrated approach between Digital channels (Search, Social, Mobile, E-mail, Display etc) and Advertising on ATL mediums like Print, Outdoor & TV.

4. If you were not a digital marketer, what would you be?

Difficult to answer, in the last 10 years, coming from an unconventional background (I started my career as an Army Officer!), I have been able to work across the Digital biz landscape, including Digital Advertising, Web-Mobile Products, Online Payments-Banking and now Retail E-Commerce. Given all this I cannot think of myself in another place except for Digital business.

5. 1 reason not to miss your session at Click Asia Summit 2016

Part of the reason lies in the answer above. Would you like to miss out engaging/learning from experiences of an Entrepreneur who has built scaled up digital businesses for some of the most loved/known brands in India across industries-Fashion, Retail and Banking?

Alokedeep Singh is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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