Quick Guide to Great Campaigns - Abraham Alapatt from Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.

Abraham Alapatt currently is the President & Group Head – Marketing, Service Quality, Financial Services & Innovation, Thomas Cook India Limited.

Prior to Thomas Cook, he was with Reliance Capital, DCB Bank and Future Generali. As a columnist, he often writes for Campaign India, agencyFAQs, exchange4media, mxmindia, Brand Equity, 4Ps and so on. He was also one of “Futurist CMO” Hall of Fame inductees from across India in 2011-12. And he is speaking at Click Asia Summit 2016.

Here are our 5 questions with him around branding and digital transformation campaigns.

1. What is a great process to define the perfect digital marketing mix?

The processes are quite universal:

– Ensure you have a clear and tangible product/service proposition for customers
– Ensure you have a very clear sense of the segment of customers who will see the most value in your product/service proposition
– Draw a blueprint of their natural media consumption pattern/lifestyle so the most effective “Moment of Truth” can be identified
– A very clear sense of what you want to achieve: both in terms of numbers/RoI as well as desired response/action
– Develop a realistic & clear budget against this
– Pick and allocate the best suited from the wide array of Digital media options available. While doing this, ensure you align all 3 key elements: customer lifestyle, budget/RoI and nature of response/query-sales fulfilment process while doing the step above.
– Develop creative unit/s in line with the previous step
– Put in place an active real-time tracking mechanism to provide feedback against identified milestone commitments so you can track and measure results and tweak/course correct to ensure value is derived
– Do a post campaign analysis and evaluate results against targets to identify what worked/didn’t and reasons for these to develop actions for the future
Do, cleanse and repeat.

2. What are the data sets to consider when defining customer journey?

– Cost per click/lead should be optimized based on the Lead to conversion ratio & margins of the business.
– Target, Target, Target – the great thing about Digital is it allows for far greater degree of focused targeting and transparent measurement. Marketers should therefore sharp focus their target customer with as many filters as possible to ensure there is little or no wastage.
– Ensure end to end tracking, to build enough customer profile-data to enable effective cross sell and upsell throughout the customer’s life cycle.
– Selling to an existing customer is far cheaper than the acquisition cost of a new customer – so quality of service and addressing customer issues/complaints fast and effectively is key to ensuring customers keep coming back.

3. Three things that surprised you when implementing campaigns?

– How many people make the mistake of not clarifying what they expect from campaigns before they roll them out and instead conduct elaborate post mortems after
– How many of us do not ensure that every link is tested in the process of fulfilment before rolling out demand generation campaigns – call centres, landing pages, enquiry forms, responses, TAT etc
– How many confuse using Digital Marketing as an end rather than a means to an end. The end being the accomplishment of business objectives.

4. What influences user buying pattern which are universal for brands?

– A clear and compelling customer VALUE (note: not just price related) proposition aimed and delivered to the most appropriate customer
– A simple, distinctive message (ideally based on a relatable insight) that delivers the proposition/message in the most appropriate “Moment of truth”
– A very clear and user friendly response/fulfilment mechanism – clearly communicated as part of the message. This helps marry demand creation with supply.

5. Why should one not miss your session at #ClickAsiaSummit 2016?

Because the world needs dreamers.

Because the world needs simple solutions and everyone needs a better mousetrap. Because I want to share some of our dreams – where we try to solve real, human problems/needs.

Abraham Alapatt is a speaker at Click Asia Summit 2016, the Largest Digital Transformation and Marketing Event in Asia (April 21-22, Taj lands End, Mumbai)

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